China Capsule Filling Machine manufacturers

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NJP series automatic capsule filling machines are the advanced filling machines which are developed after absorbed many advantages of same kinds of machines inside and outside our country, which conform to GMP standard.
The machine is designed and further improved on the base of original full automatic capsule filling machine from both home and aboard. With high technology and exclusive performance, it has reached international leading level.
This machine runs as per automotive separating revert interval, feeding, removing useless capsule, clipping and coming capsule, cleaning mould are completed at the same time, which has reach high precision and low noise levels. With the automatic controlled, the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion. Digit display, the machine is easy to operate. This machine is with good suitability, high frequency for filling Chinese and western medicines. Which adopted more hole type working principle, exact calculating, the difference of packing are more advanced than its standard of governments pharmacopoeia. It is equipped with safety protection unit for people and machine. It can be automatically stopped when the material used up. It is a good equipment for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.
Filling DosagePowder, Pellets, Tablet
Capsule SizeCapsule size 000#-5# and safety capsule A-E
Max Output (capsules/hour)228000
Power380V 50Hz 3KW
Noise Index<80dBA
Overall Dimension (mm)1500×1550×2000
Weight (kg)2000
?China Capsule Filling Machine manufacturers
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